Satta Matka:The Definitive Guide

satta matka guide

This is a complete guide to play Satta Matka in 2022.

In this in-depth guide you’ll learn:

  • How to select best game for you
  • How to find perfect Satta Matka number
  • How to invest money on game
  • Lots more
  • So if you’re ready to go “all in” with Satta Matka, this guide is for you.

    Let’s dive right in.

    Table of Content
    1. Satta Matka Fundamentals
    2. List of Games
    3. Trusted Website Checklist
    4. How to find Satta Matka Number
    5. Invest Money like a Pro
    6. Advance Strategy & Techniques
    7. Case Study 
    8. Conclusion


    Satta Matka Fundamentals

    In this chapter, I will help you understand basic fundamental information about  Satta Matka

    Satta Matka is a type of game where users will place money on numbers. It’s a type of gambling where your winning depends upon two factors, one is information about the game and second is your luck.

    Satta Matka was started by Mr Ratan Khatri and Mr Kalyan Ji Bhagat early at the age of 60s. 

    Initially Satta Matka was played on the opening and closing rate of cotton which is transmitted from New York Cotton Exchange to Bombay Cotton Exchange. 

    Satta Matka is the only Indian originated gambling or lottery game which is played widely all over India. The player in this game belongs to every age group from different demographics and financial conditions.

    The #1 thing that makes Satta Matka so famous and effective than other lottery games in the market is that any person of any age group can play the game and there is no specific skill set required to play the game.

    As you know Satta Matka initially played offline at particular locations. Nowadays Satta Matka is played online through websites and applications. Does the player trust on Online Satta Matka?

    Let’s find out…

    Does the player trust on Online Satta Matka?

    I’m not going to bore you with millions of stats.

    Instead, I'm going to quickly show you how  Online Satta Matka  is BEST.

    With the data we are getting from our Analytics or from Google Trends stats shows that there is a more than 500% hike in user base after introducing Online Satta Matka.

    This super high stats is probably why 90% of the hosts shifted to the online channel either by website or by application. With research conducted in between the hosts, they consider Online Satta Matka “Important” or “Very Important”.

    Why Does Online Satta Matka Work?

    Why does Online Satta Matka work so well?

    #1: Online Medium Players can play from anywhere.

    #2: People WANT to get Quick information and results.

    #3: Online Satta Matka connects people very fast.

    #4: Easy source of earning handsome money.

    #5: Players are getting all the information about the game at their fingertips.


    List of Games

    The first step in Satta Matka is to know about games and process to play the games;

    In this chapter, I’m going to show you an exact list of games which are famous and easy to play.

    In fact,

    These are the list of games which i played these days and i used to grow my revenue to 20,00,000 total.

    Let’s see!

    List of top Satta Matka Games 

    If you’re like most people, you are aware of only a few games which are quite popular and potential players in those games are high. 

    So if you are new and see the probability to win the game then you are a fool, because there are more experienced players who have been playing the same game for many years.

    So, if you want to win the game please read this article carefully.

    Here i’ve mentioned the list in ascending order from top to bottom so that players play according to their game and it helps them to decrease the chance of losing a game.

    List of all Satta Matka Games in India;

    1. Satta Matka
    2. Madhur Matka
    3. Matka
    4. Kalyan
    5. Dpboss
    6. Satta Matta Matka
    7. Rajdhani Day and Night
    8. Kalyan Matka
    9. Sridevi Day and Night
    10. Balaji Day and Night
    11. Syndicate Day and Night
    12. Dhanlaxmi Day and Night
    13. Gali Night and Day
    14. Disawar Online
    15. Madhuri Matka
    16. Kuber Balaji
    17. Janta Day
    18. Boothnath Night
    19. Faridabad Matka 
    20. Milan Day
    21. Boss Matka
    22. Mumbai Matka

    Here is the list of top and most played Satta Matka games. Now it’s on the player which game he wants to play.

    I’ve initially tried a game where the investment amount is low and no of players is also less.

    In this way I gained experience and meanwhile I made lots of money which helped me to understand and play other games.


    Trusted Website Checklist

    If you reach here and read my article it means you are going on the right path to become Satta King.

    As you know according to the latest stats published by the Satta Matka authority there are more than 200 + websites as well as applications available in the market to play Satta Matka and their related games online. 

    But, there is another shocking news for new players: a lot of websites giving fake promises and taking money from the players. 

    Here I will list some of the websites who’s service as well as they will allow you to play multiple games at same time.

    List of top 10 websites to play Satta Matka Online

    1. Matka center
    2. Kalyanmatka center

    3. Dpboss center
    4. Matkaplay center
    5. Kolkataff center
    6. Sattamattamatka center
    7. Dpboss net
    8. Bossmatka center
    9. Sattamatkagods net
    10. Sattamatka report

    These are the most trusted and verified websites by the experienced player and their traffic is also in millions. It means a lot of players visit this website to play and get information about different types of Matka games.

    I’m playing all my Matka games from these websites only.

    Do you know is one the top rated and providing fastest Satta Matka result online!


    How to find Satta Matka Number

    It’s time where you need to learn how to find Satta Mata numbers.

    As you all know in the Satta Matka the main thing that you need to learn is to find the Satta Matka Number on which you will place your bet/money.

    The main concept behind the number is you will get a list of numbers arranged in a table, you have to find the number by performing a simple calculation and if your number matches with the organizers number you won the match and become Satta King.

    Entire Matka game depends upon the set of numbers and calculation involved with the number.

    If the opponent gets 10, A, 3 then in increasing order he has 130. Here Ace defines 1 and 10 defines 0. One has the least value and 10 has the highest value. Similarly, if he gets 2, 7, 4 then it will become 247. Now the opponent’s card will be called as OPEN so 130 cards are the open card and his card is 247 is the CLOSE card. But there is a trick here: all numbers have to be added so that we can get a single number which would be our open figure so if we add 1+3+0 = 4 we get four so we call it 4 open with 130 cards commonly known as Pana or panel. Same with close 2+4+7 = 13. But wait, now we get a 2 digit number so what will be our single figure, here we’ll have to choose the last digit of this number or one’s place so we call 3 would be our figure. So 130–4 is our open and 247–3 is our close. With this, we get a JODI number which is 43, a combination of the open and close figure.

    The above calculation is stated as an example in the similar way you need to perform the calculation. 

    Calculations might be changed according to the game as the organizers of the game are different and there is no one regulatory body for Satta Matka.


    Invest Money Like a Pro

    As you all know Satta Matka is a type of gambling or lottery game and it involves investment of money on numbers.

    There are lots of money risks involved in this game so, as a guide here I will provide a list of some proven tips and tricks that will help players to save money and make them win games.

    6 Proven Tips to Invest Money In Satta Matka Game

    1. First, understand the game carefully and start investing small amounts for at least 10 games to know the process and calculation involved in the game.
    2. Out of n numbers of games in Satta Matka, play only those games in which you are confident.
    3. Must select 2 to 3 identical games with a combination of hard and easy. So, the concept is to invest some money in both the games so that if you lose a hard game the other game will balance your credit.
    4. Join all the guessing forums of the concerned game and before playing, monitor their guessing number at least for a week.
    5. Must play your game on trusted websites only like Matka Center, Kalyan Matka Center or Dpboss.
    6. Finally after understanding all the metrics of the game you have to increase your amount gradually and don’t fall in the trap of winning. Must play the game in complete control.

    I’ve mentioned proven tricks to save money from losing in a Satta Matka game. I've been playing on the same concept for many years.

    With the above tricks there are more than 20,000+ players successfully becoming the Satta King and they are earning handsome money. 


    Advance Strategy & Techniques

    In the Matka industry there is no permanent strategy or techniques that will make you win games.

    But here I'll mention some of the techniques and tips and tricks that will help you to make your own techniques according to the game.

    As you all know there are more than 50+ games available in the Satta Matka, some of them played at country level, some of them played at regional or local regions. 

    Defining the exact techniques is hard and promising to get results is not good.

    Proven Advance Strategy & Techniques to win Satta Matka

    1. Play games only with the trusted sources either website or application.
    2. Follow a weekly or monthly chart of games in which you are interested that will give you a brief idea about the selection of numbers in the game.
    3. If you really want to save your money do take VIP Membership where experts like Aryan Sir and other experts provide you tips as well as numbers to win the game.
    4. Before investing money into any game, you must read all the supportive articles and gain as much information as you can get.
    5. Do follow the above mentioned methods to play the game.

    As a Satta Matka player I will always suggest players to create their own strategy as study i mentioned in the above para.

    If you want to become pro do join all the top Matka Guessing Forum as well VIP Forum at least for a month to get all the information about the Matka game.


    Case Study

    In this chapter I’m going to share the handful of advanced tactics that I’ve learned over the years.

    So if you’re ready to earn from Satta Matka, this chapter is for you.

    This is not just a case study, this is my 30 year experience analysis in the Satta Matka and their related games.

    Let’s dive right in.

    Ratan Khatri founder of Satta Matka said it best:

    “Lots of confident in Satta Matka make you lose money”

    And he’as 100% right.

    If you are more confident you will invest more money on the game blindly and it will distract your attention from the game.

    As per psychological research conducted by All India Institute of Medical and Science, if you are so confident in your work your brain stops thinking about the failure and it will make you distracted.

    Similarly if you are confident and you know each and every thing about your work but you are still thinking about the bad side it will keep you concentrated and help you to avoid making mistakes.

    As per above analysis i have created points which are quite helpful for all the players.

    Even though you are a master in the game and know all the procedures, be careful while playing games and play games with full concentration.

    Keep yourself updated with all the news and updates related to the game.

    Sometimes avoiding investing money just for fun will help you to keep your interest in the game and increase your confidence level.

    Please do follow the above tricks if you always want to become Satta King.



    Now It’s your turn. I really hope you enjoyed my complete guide to Satta Matka.

    Now I’d like to hear from you;

    Which techniques from the above guide you will try first.

    Are you going to use “6 Proven Tips to Invest Money”

    Or maybe you want to  use case study analysis.

    Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.