How I Make 1 Crore in 30 Days from Satta Matka [New Strategy]

satta matka investment

Here i will share how to make 1 Crore from Satta Matka

(Without spending any extra money.)

Our Secret?

A new strategy called  Niche Investment.

And this study shows you exactly how I did step-by-step.

The Big Problem with Satta Matka is Finding Game

There are many games in the market, but finding the best is still a challenge for players.

Although our techniques that we listed at  Matka Center  still work GREAT.

(When done right.)

But there is one big problem with most of the games in the Satta Matka industry.

Their Format in not Defined

And if you are a player and get expert in any of the game still you’ve to play other games. You have to understand the game properly.

For example, take a difference between Kolkata FF and Satta Matta Matka.

According to players both games have similar search but one played at regional level and one played at international.

That comparison makes you astonished right!

But, if you see some more games like Kalyan Matka, Madhur Matka or Rajdhani Day & Night you will see a lot of difference.

For analysis we perform an expected visitor analysis using these keywords.

satta matka trends

Here is the result, see how metrics change when you do competitor analysis.

Like Satta Matta Matka (20,400,000 avg monthly search);

Or other huge traffic on Kolkata FF (13,6000,000 avg monthly searches);

Now from here you will understand the concept of selecting a game properly.

Satta Matta Matka is the new game format but still the search is much higher than kolkata ff which is played regionally.

Whereas with Kalyan Matka which is the oldest game format carries less searches as compared to the other two.

So, now the question is if you are a player and you have to select a game to play which one you select Satta Matta Matka or Kolkata FF.

“Mention in the comment box”

So here i did the math, and realized that here i need to think differently and that’s the reason i selected Kolkata FF

Reason for that is;

Kolkata FF most players belong to the same region but due to high traffic other players are joining the game so, as per calculation the amount invested in the game is high with less competition.

Also one more factor is regional specific mindset

So if you can take tips from the VIP group you will know the tips & tricks they are using to play games.

With this  Niche Investment  you can easily master a game and after modifying tips & tricks you can win the game and become  Satta King.

Now you know the basics about the tricks we are using to find games right !

Let’s start with yours 

Step #1: Find “Niche Game” as per your expertise

Your first step is to find the “Niche Game” according to your geography, interest and knowledge about the game.

Niche Game is nothing but “ Segregating the best game according to players mindset and geography” .

To find that first you have to make a note on few points like ;

  • Region where you are living or you want to play the game
  • Category of game which you wants to play 
  • Check for references like VIP Groups or Forum providing info about the game.
  • Platform from which you will play the game
  • Investment which you want to invest in game

Above points will help you to clear your thinking about the game and clearly you will be able to sort list games as per your interest.

Let’s understand each points with example;

Suppose if I am living in Mumbai, either I will select regional Satta Matka games like Madhur Matka or I will select globally played games like Satta Matta Matka, Satta King or Matka 420.

As per my experience in playing Satta games I will select SATTA MATTA MATKA .

But this will change as per player expertise and mindset.

“Mention in the comment box which is the best game for you and you want to play”

The games category is defined on the timing of the game, played either in day or night.

Or may be on the game type.

As of now you have narrowed and now you are ready for other filtration.

Many professional and trusted websites or applications available in the market which provide paid as well free VIP Membership or Forums which will help you to understand about the game results.

One of the best site you can use is “ satta matka website Matka Center”

This is one of the best websites to get all the information related to any game.

I have been using it for the past many years.

If you want you can use Matka Center to play games.

But there are many regional as well as game specific sites/applications which you can use to play the game like “Kalyan Matka”.

At last if we talk about investment it’s a player’s choice.

But if you are new, start with minimum investment so that you will use less to understand the game and use more funds after learning so that you can make profit.

Now you have successfully selected your game.

Let’s switch to next step;

Step #2: Easy way to Learn Satta Games

There are many way to learn Satta Matka 

But here I will tell you the best and easiest way of learning Matka games.

As you know learning with examples is the best way

So here we will learn through the example, suppose i want to learn Satta Matta Matka 

Then what’s the best possible way 

First let’s see the previous games' charts and their results.

For learning Satta Matta Matka I checked the games chart of 10 years.

Then I started finding results for all those games.

Now, the main question is where you will find previous game charts and results?

The answer is many websites store previous game information for research and better result process. Either try to connect with them or site Matka Center publish all this information publicly and you get this at free of cost.

After that join the Forums of different websites where minimum members is more than 1000+

Then try to ask and understand the the concept behind the result 

After getting the initial tips & tricks refine it according to yourself

It will help you find the proven tricks which will help you to find Satta Matka Number.

Boom with this you are ready for the final step.

Step #3: How to Invest in Satta Matka Game

As experts always say start with low investment unless and until you become pro

Now you are ready with the two important things: Game & Tricks to get results.

In second step i told you about how to select best platform

Hope you already got the platform from which you play the game if not “Matka Center” is one of the best and trusted platforms to play different Satta Matka games like Satta Matta Matka, Kalyan Matka, Madhur Matka, Satta King or other.

Also here only you will get the fastest result.

Now here is the best way to invest in the games are;

Initially for 10 start with the investment of Rs 500 or Rs 1000 max depending upon your budget 

After that slowly increase your budget 

With this you can easily practice and understand the game without losing money

Also there i will tell you the “Golden Rule of Investment”

Don’t fall into the trap of money because it will hamper your planning and maybe you lose all your money.

Always trust your instinct during investment 

Play only when you are in a good situation.

The above steps are generic but helped more than 1000+ players to earn more than 1+ Crore in less than a year.


Follow the above process step by step and you will surely become the Satta King.

Above strategy implemented on the basis of research and analysis conducted on multiple sites as well as on players 

Follow our “ Niche Investment ” & “ Golden Rule of Investment ” and share your views in the comment box, how much is it profitable for you?

For reference we always open and share your views in the comment box.